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Asparagus officinalis

Life formherbPhysiologymulti stem
HabiterectCategoryvegetables, medicinals & aromatic
Life spanperennialPlant attributesgrown on large scale

MinMaxMinMaxSoil depthmedium (50-150 cm)medium (50-150 cm)
Temperat. requir.1530638Soil texturemedium, organicmedium, light
Rainfall (annual)80012005004000Soil fertilityhighmoderate
Latitude--6060Soil Al. tox
Altitude --- --- -2600Soil salinitylow (<4 dS/m)medium (4-10 dS/m)
Soil PH66.74.58.2Soil drainagewell (dry spells)well (dry spells)
Light intensityvery brightvery brightvery brightcloudy skies

Climate zonetropical wet & dry (Aw), steppe or semiarid (Bs), subtropical humid (Cf), subtropical dry summer (Cs), subtropical dry winter (Cw), temperate oceanic (Do), temperate continental (Dc), temperate with humid winters (Df), temperate with dry winters (Dw)Photoperiodshort day (<12 hours), neutral day (12-14 hours), long day (>14 hours)
Killing temp. during rest-5Killing temp. early growth-1
Abiotic toler.Abiotic suscept.
Introduction risks.

Product. systemlarge scale/commercial, protected cultivationCrop cycle210270
Cropping systemSubsystemCompanion speciesLevel of mechanizationLabour intensity

(at most )

Main useDetailed useUsed part
food & beveragevitaminsbark
food & beveragevitaminsbark
food & beverageproteinbark
medicinaldigestive system applicationsroots
medicinalblood system applicationsroots
medicinalendocrine system applicationsroots