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Asparagus officinalis

SynonymsAsparagus altilis Asch.
Common namesasparagus, aspargo, espárrago, Spargel
Ecocrop code468

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Tall, glabrous, annual stems with scale-like leaves growing from large underground rhizome. USES The stems are used as a boiled, cooked, or pickled vegetable. It can be canned. The seeds have been used as a coffee substitute. GROWING PERIOD Perennial with annual stems. The young shoots may be harvested 400-600 days from planting, and the harvest period generally last for 30-60 days. In cool periods, spears are harvested every two or four days but as days get warmer, daily harvest is often needed. Some farmers replant every 3-5 years but the production may continue for up to 15-25 years. Growing period per year 210-270 days. COMMON NAMES Asparagus, Asperge, Esparago, Spargel, Asperge, Lung So Sun, Asparago, Chrest, Aspergie, Sparza. FURTHER INF In temperate and subtropical areas asparagus can be grown in lowlands, while generally elevations of over 1000 m in the tropics are required for the production. Low temperatures are necessary for about 90-150 days of the year when the plants are in a dormant condition. It require cool nights and hot days. Very tolerant of flooding when dormant. Average yields of about 2.5-4 t/ha and optimum yields is 8 t/ha.
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