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Cichorium endivia

Common namesendive
Ecocrop code693

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A lettuce-like herb forming a rosette of succulent leaves followed by a flowering stalk. USES Used as a salad vegetable, fresh or cooked. The leaves is a good source of vitamin A and iron. GROWING PERIOD Annual or biennial. Leaves can be harvested after 40 days and heads after 55-90 days. COMMON NAMES Endive, Ceylon spinach, Escarole, Indivia, Chicories, Chicoree frisee, Escarola, Eskarola, Krause winter endive, Krulandijvie, Batavian scarole, Green curled endvie, Scarole, Andewi, Endiba, Phakkat-foi. FURTHER INF Endive is native to the Mediterranean region or eastern India. In the tropics more satisfactory growth is obtained from endive grown at elevations above 400-500 m. It usually require long days for flowering and rarely flowers in the tropics, it is, however, probably helped by low temperatures, recorded to flower at elevations above 1500 m. Vernalization, at temperatures below 15°C gives an additional stimulus to flowering and can occur during ripening of the seed, storage of seed and from sowing onwards. Leafs may become fibrous in high temperatures. Leaf and head yields about 4-20 t/ha may be obtained, while the average seed yield is 200 kg/ha.
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