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Trifolium pratense

Common namesbroad red clover, broad-leaved clover, honey-stalks, honeysuckle clover, meadow clover, mjölontuppor, puna-apila, purple clover, raudkløver, rau›smári, red clover, rödklöver, rödväpling, Rotklee, rød-kløver, trebol comun, trefle commun, trefle des pres, trefle rouge, trevo dos prados, trifoglio pratense, Trifolii albi et rubri flos
Ecocrop code2104

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herbaceous legume made up of numerous leafy stems rising from a crown. USES Utilized as pasture, fodder, soil improvment, and green manure. The flowers yield a yellow dye. They can be dried and used in a decoction to stimulate the appetite or as a sedative. KILLING T Frost resistant. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, sometimes biennial. Require 210-300 days from sowing to mature seeds. Spring sown it may flower and fruit from May-September. In northeastern United States and Canada it is grown as an winter annual. COMMON NAMES Red clover, Peavine clover, Cowgrass. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: T. alpicola, T. brachystylos, T. expansum, T. nivale, T. silvestre. Red clover is native of southeastern Europe and western Asia.
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