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Trifolium pratense

Life formherbPhysiologymulti stem
HabiterectCategoryforage/pasture, medicinals & aromatic
Life spanannual, biennial, perennialPlant attributesgrown on large scale

MinMaxMinMaxSoil depthmedium (50-150 cm)shallow (20-50 cm)
Temperat. requir.1825440Soil texturemedium, organicheavy, medium, light
Rainfall (annual)70012003002100Soil fertilityhighmoderate
Latitude34306468Soil Al. tox
Altitude --- --- -3000Soil salinitylow (<4 dS/m)low (<4 dS/m)
Soil PH67.54.58.2Soil drainagepoorly (saturated >50% of year), well (dry spells)poorly (saturated >50% of year), well (dry spells)
Light intensityvery brightclear skiesvery brightlight shade

Climate zonesteppe or semiarid (Bs), subtropical humid (Cf), subtropical dry summer (Cs), subtropical dry winter (Cw), temperate oceanic (Do), temperate continental (Dc), boreal (E)Photoperiodlong day (>14 hours)
Killing temp. during rest-5Killing temp. early growth0
Abiotic toler.Abiotic suscept.
Introduction risks.

Product. systemlarge scale/commercialCrop cycle120300
Cropping systemSubsystemCompanion speciesLevel of mechanizationLabour intensity
phase planting
inter-croppingPhleum pratense, Festuca arundinacea, Festuca pratensis, Lolium multiforum, white clover
ratoon croppingmaize, potato, rice, oats, wheat, soybean, small grain, tobacco, rye, grass, sugar beet

(at most )

Main useDetailed useUsed part
animal food (feed)proteinentire plant
animal food (feed)vitaminsentire plant
animal food (feed)mineralsentire plant
food additivecondiment/seasoningflowers
medicinalmuscular/skeletal applicationsflowers
medicinalgenitourinary system applicationsflowers
medicinalrespiratory applicationsflowers
environmentalerosion controlentire plant