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Nasturtium officinale

SynonymsNasturtium fontanum Asch., Rorippa nasturtium-aquaticum Hayek, Sisymbrium cardaminefolium Gilib, Sisymbrium nasturtium-aquaticum L.
Common namesagriao de agua, berro, brunnenkresse, cresson d'eau, cresson de fontaine, wara kebis, watercress
Ecocrop code1522

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A very succulent aquatic herb growing in wet places and streams, with small white flowers, angular, hollow, and much branched stems. USES Young shoots are eaten raw or cooked. It can be eaten in salads, used as a garnish, or cooked as a vegetable. Its stems are a source of vitamins A and C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First harvest may be taken after 30-45 days and it may there after be harvested every 40 to 80 days. COMMON NAMES Watercress, Cresson de fontaine, Berro, Blero, Brunnenkresse, Waterkers. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: Rorippa nasturtium aquaticum, R. nasturtium, Sisymbrium nasturtium aquaticum. Watercress is native of Europe. It grows well in moving, clean water and limestone areas are suitable as a source of water. Lowlands in temperate and subtropical areas and elevations over 1000 m in the tropics are suitable for production. Flowers are only formed when the daylength exceeds 12 hours. Yields may be as high as 50 t/ha. It has become a serious river-weed in New Zealand.
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