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Nasturtium officinale

Life formherbPhysiology
HabitCategoryvegetables, medicinals & aromatic
Life spanperennialPlant attributesgrown on small scale

MinMaxMinMaxSoil depthshallow (20-50 cm)shallow (20-50 cm)
Temperat. requir.1217632Soil texturemedium, lightheavy, medium, light
Rainfall (annual)100023003004200Soil fertilitymoderatelow
Latitude----Soil Al. tox
Altitude --- --- -3000Soil salinitylow (<4 dS/m)low (<4 dS/m)
Soil PH6. drainagepoorly (saturated >50% of year)poorly (saturated >50% of year), well (dry spells)
Light intensityvery brightvery brightvery brightlight shade

Climate zonetropical wet & dry (Aw), tropical wet (Ar), steppe or semiarid (Bs), subtropical humid (Cf), subtropical dry summer (Cs), subtropical dry winter (Cw), temperate oceanic (Do), temperate continental (Dc), temperate with humid winters (Df), temperate with dry winters (Dw)Photoperiodneutral day (12-14 hours), long day (>14 hours)
Killing temp. during rest3Killing temp. early growth0
Abiotic toler.Abiotic suscept.
Introduction risks.

Product. systemCrop cycle4080
Cropping systemSubsystemCompanion speciesLevel of mechanizationLabour intensity

(at most )

Main useDetailed useUsed part
food & beveragevitaminsentire plant
food & beveragemineralsentire plant
animal food (feed)vitaminsentire plant
animal food (feed)mineralsentire plant
medicinalrespiratory applicationsentire plant
medicinalblood system applicationsentire plant