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With Ecocrop you can:

Identify a suitable crop for a specified environment. Select Search

Enter information about your local climate and soil conditions, such as temperature, rainfall, light, soil texture, depth, pH, salinity and fertility. Ecocrop then identifies plant species with key climate and soil requirements that match the data you have entered.

Identify a crop with a specific habit of growth. Select Search

Specify one or more characteristic of a plant, such as life form and span, growth habit, crop category and form of cultivation. Ecocrop then identifies plant species that match your data.

Identify crop for a defined use. Select Search

Specify one or more use(s) and Ecocrop identifies according to your choice plant species for food, fodder or pasture, green manure, energy, fibre, timber, paper pulp, shelter and shade, industrial purposes, erosion control, ornamentals and many other uses.

Look up the environmental requirements and uses of a given crop. Select Find plant

Specify the plant species of you interest and use Ecocrop as a checklist or library to look up its climate and soil requirements and uses.