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Spartium junceum

SynonymsGenista juncea Scop., Genista odorata Moench
Common namesgiesta de Espanha, ginestra, gyldenris, Spanish broom, weaver's broom
Ecocrop code9984

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shrub growing 1-3 m tall. It has large yellow flowers. USES The fiber obtained from the crop is used for robes, canvas, coarse cloths, mats, pillows, and paper. It does not rot or lose strength in humid weather. Plant stems can be rubberized and used for conveyer belts. The flowers contain an essential oil used in perfumes. The plant can be grown as hedges and low windbreaks. GROWING PERIOD Perennial, flowers from May to August in the northern hemisphere, and year round in some tropical areas. First harvest are made after 3 years and subsequent harvests can be taken at 18 months interval. COMMON NAMES Spanish broom, Weaver's broom. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Genista juncea. Spanish broom is native of southwestern Europe and the Mediterranean region.
SOURCES (S. junceum L.)
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