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Solanum aethiopicum

SynonymsSolanum gilo Raddi, Solanum integrifolium Poiret, Solanum integrifolium Poiret var. microcarpum, Solanum naumannii Engl., Solanum pierreanum Pailleux & Bois, Solanum zuccagnianum Dunal
Common namesAfrican bitter pea-aubergine, aubergine amère, Ethiopian eggplant, mock tomato, petite bringelle maronne, scarlet eggplant, tomato-fruited eggplant, wild African aubergine, wild pea-aubergine, xiao gu qie, xiao ku fan qie
Ecocrop code9825

Temperature: It is frost tender. Reported temperature range for growth is 10-40°C with the optimum between 20-30°C.
Water: Reported annual rainfall range for growth is 800-4000 mm with the optimum between 1200-1600 mm.
Range & intensity: It requires a sunny position.
Physical: It requires well-drained but moist soil, will grow in most soil types and thrives in soil with a content of peat and well broken down compost.
Chemical: I can grow in both acid, neutral and basic soils. Reported soil pH range for growth is 4.3-8.5 with the optimum between 5.5-7.0. Potash fertilisation is beneficial (especially when fruiting), excess nitrogen will promote leaf production a reduced fruit setting.