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Serenoa repens

Authority(Bartram) Small
Common namespalmetto, saw palmetto
Ecocrop code9702

DESCRIPTION: It is a small, evergreen fan palm whose stem usually remains below ground or runs just along the surface. In some cases, it develops an erect or arching trunk that may lift the whorl of leaves 60-240 cm above ground. The palmate leaves are 60-90 cm across and green or bluish green. The cluster of leaves gets about 120-180 cm high with a similar spread. In the wild, saw palmetto often grows in clumps 20 or more feet in diameter. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. USE: It is a beautiful little palm and richly deserves a place in the ornamental landscape. The silver form is especially attractive. Plant saw palmettos in front of clumps of larger palms, or even underneath large palms. They look good massed in clumps in mixed borders, or as framing hedges. Use as accents to trees or in foundation plantings. COMMON NAMES: Saw palmetto. FURTHER INF: It can be found in south-eastern United States. It occurs naturally on the coastal plain from South Carolina to south-eastern Louisiana. It grows in a wide range of habitats from seaside sand dunes and dry scrub to moist forests, pine flatwoods and even wetlands. It can be the dominant ground cover in certain south-eastern pine forests.