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Echinochloa crus-galli

Authority(L.) Beauv.
Common namesbarnyard grass, cockspur grass, goosefoot grass, milha(n) pe' de galo, sanvo'
Ecocrop code970

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tufted grass with more or less robust culms up to 1-1.5 m high. USES It is grown as a fodder crop and the grain is used for food in times of scarcity. Young leaves can be eaten as vegetables. In Egypt, the grass is used for reclaiming saline areas. GROWING PERIOD Summer growing annual. COMMON NAMES Barnyard millet, Water grass, Cockspur grass, Chicken-panic grass, Cock's foot, Song chang, Crete-de-coq, Pattes de poule, Jajagoan, Jawan, Padi burung, Rumput kekusa basar, Bayokibok, Lagtom, Marapagay, Myet-ihi, Smao bek kbol, Ya-plonglaman, Ya-khaonok, Co'long vuc, Song chong. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Panicum crus-galli. Barnyard millet can be found at elevations between sea level and 2500 m. It is well adapted to hot and wet conditions and is common in freshwater swamps. Production of green material may be up to 4-11 t/ha. Barnyard millet can be a very troublesome weed in paddy rice. Flooding the rice field with more than 15 cm of water favours the rice seedlings, since barnyard millet seeds cannot germinate at this depth.
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