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Satureja hortensis

Common namesAetheroleum saturejae, ajedrea, Bohnenkraut, bonenkruid, chabyor, hsiang po ho, kyndel, nadgh, santoreggia, sarriette, Saturejae herba, savory, savory leaves, segurelha, summer savory
Ecocrop code9582

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small, erect herb, richly branching from the base and reaching 30-60 cm in height. The leaves are subsessile, fibrous lanceolate. The flowers are small and purplish-pink or white. USES The leaves and stems are used fresh or dried as flavorings in seasonings, stews, meat and poultry dishes, and vegetables. The leaves also yield an essential oil used in the food and perfume industries. The oil also has medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD Annual. The vegetative period, from sprouting to ripening of seeds, is 140-160 days. The sprouting time is 14-30 days. Leaves are harvested after about 75-120 days just before the first flowering stage, and under good weather conditions harvest can be done twice. COMMON NAMES Summer savory. FURTHER INF Summer savory is native of southern Europe and the Mediterranean region. Average yield of cleaned drug is 1-1.5 t/ha.
SOURCES (S. hortensis L.)
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