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Santalum acuminatum

Common names
Ecocrop code9545

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Semi root parasite shrub or small tree growing up to 4-10 m tall. It has grey-green leaves. The fruit has a outer red, fleshy pulp and develops a large winkled stone. USES The fruit pulp can be eaten raw but is usually cooked, made into pies, jams and chutneys. The kernels are eaten raw and salted or roasted in coconut oil. The wood can be used as firewood. KILLING T Frost tolerant. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Trees may begin to bear in their third year. COMMON NAMES Quandong, Native peach, Sweet quandong, Wolgo. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Fusanus acuminatus. Quandong can be found in central and southwestern Australia. Fruit yields may be 10-23 kg per tree. Kernel represents 40% of the total fruit weight.
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