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Dodonaea viscosa

Common namesusi, wase
Ecocrop code952

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A spreading, dense or erect, multi-stemmed evergreen shrub or small tree usually reaching 1.5-5 m but may grow as tall as 8 m. USES It is browsed by sheep, cattle, and goats. The wood can be used as fuel, and for engraving, turnery, and tool handles. It has medicinal properties and are used to control fevers, colic, venereal diseases, and as an anaesthetic. It can be planted to control unstable sand dunes, for shade and shelter belts, and as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Giant hopbush, Narrow-leaf hopbush, Broad-leaf hopbush, Sticky hopbush, wedge-leaf hopbush, Switchsorrel, Candlewood, Native hop, Akeake, Sand olive. FURTHER INF Following seven subspecies are recognised: ssp viscosa, ssp angustifolia, ssp angustissima, ssp Myanmarnniana, ssp cuneata, ssp mucronata, and ssp spatulata. Giant hopbush has a wide distribution in South and East Australia within the latitudinal range 10-44°S at elevations between sea level and 1000 m. It occurs in a wide range of topographical situations. It is an aggressive coloniser that has the potential to become a weed especially in pasture areas. (pH estimated by the compiler).
SOURCES (D. viscosa Jacq.)
Turnbull J 1986 pp 248-251 [TEMP, KTMP, RAIN, TEXT, DRA, DEP, FER, USE, LIMIT]