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Diospyros kaki

Common namesbuah kaki, buah samak, Chinese persimmon, hông thi, Japanese persimmon, kaki, kaki-meca, Kakifrucht, kesemek, oriental persimmon, persimmon, phlap chin, plaqueminier, raquemine, sharon fruit, thi hông, tonloëp
Ecocrop code945

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small slow growing, shrubby, deciduous tree reaching 6-15 m in height, with a short, crooked trunk and a branched crown. The leaves are ovate-orbicular to elliptic, 5-25 cm long and the fruits are quadragular-blobose berries, resembling a tomato, yellowish-green to red. USES The soft ripe fruits can be eaten fresh or be processed into ice-cream, jam, jelly, etc. Some astringent cultivars can be made into a dried product, not unlike dried figs. Kaki-tannin is used for cloth, paper, rice wine and it has medicinal properties. KILLING T The dormant tree may not survive -18°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. It may begin to fruit four years after planting. Fruits mature about 7 months after bloom. COMMON NAMES Kaki, Kaki persimmon, Persimmon, Japanese persimmon, Chinese persimmon, Oriental persimmon, Plaqueminier, Raquemine, Kesemek, Buah kaki, Buah samak, Tonloep, Phlap chin, Thi, Hong. FURTHER INF Kaki most probably originated in China. It is not successful in the moist tropical lowlands, but can be grown at elevations above 1000 m. The tree does not require high relative air humidity but irrigation is needed in regions with rainless summers. Sheltered sites are important to prevent wind damaging the tender young foliage and to prevent blemishes occurring on the fruit. The tree have some winter chilling requirements to overcome the dormancy period. Annual fruit yields may be about 220 fruits per tree or 20-50 t/ha from 8-year-old orchards.
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