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Rubus occidentalis

Common namesblack raspberry, blackcap raspberry, framboeza preta, framboise noire, frambuesa negra
Ecocrop code9373

DESCRIPTION: Deciduous shrub forming arching canes which may reach 1.2-2 m high, often forming tangles. The fruit is a juicy, black, multiple of drupes, 12-15 mm in diameter. When picked they separate from the fleshy core forming a hollow shell. Stems rooting at the tips. USE: The fruits are eaten raw or made into jams and jellies. The Kiowa and Apache indians made a tea from the roots of Rubus species to treat stomach ache. Blackberry root tea was also part of the traditional pharmacopea for treatment of hemorrhaging and hemophilia. In the south, blackberry tea was mixed with whiskey to expel gas. The juice of raspberry fruits was used to flavour medicines. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial, fruiting for 5-10 years. COMMON NAMES: Black rasberry. FURTHER INF: Black rasberry is native of North America where it can be found wild in thickets, at roadsides and in open woodlands.
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