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Quercus robur

Common namesAustrian oak, carvalho alvarinho, carvalho comum, carvalho roble, chene, chene pedoncule', Deutsche Eiche, Eiche, English oak, farnia, German oak, oak, pedunculate oak, quercia, Quercus cortex, Quercus folium, roble comun, Robur oak, Slavonian oak, Sommereiche, Stieleiche, stilk eg, Traubeneiche, truffle oak
Ecocrop code9138

DESCRIPTION: It is a large deciduous tree with a rounded, broad crown, branching is upright and spreading, reaching 30 - 40 m in height. USE: Its strong, durable wood is used to make casks for storing wines and spirits during aging. GROWING PERIOD: Long lived perennial, some trees have been known to live over 1000 years. COMMON NAMES: Common Oak, Pedunculate Oak, English Oak. Irish Dair. FURTHER INF: It is native of Europe and western Asia, usually found in mixed woodlands, it prefers well-drained, fertile soils, including heavy soils, tolerant of city conditions. Mature trees tolerate flooding even by sea-water. It needs at least 600 mm of annual precipitation (200 mm of these in summer).