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Prunus mume

AuthoritySiebold & Zucc.
Common namesalperceiro do Japao, Japanese apricot, mume
Ecocrop code8983

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shrub or small tree reaching up to 10 m in height, with a wide spreading crown and a deep root system. The fruit is globose, 2-3 cm in diameter, yellow or reddish-yellow. USES It is cultivated from its edible fruits, eaten fresh, sun-dried, or used in canning, jams, juice, wine and liqueur. The tree is often grown as an ornamental. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Japanese apricot, Boir, Foung, Phung, Mo'. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: Armenica mume. Japanese apricot is native of China, Japan, and probably also of the northern parts of Laos and Vietnam. It require a cold rest season with temperatures below 7°C to break bud dormancy. Late frosts may kill flowers and summer rains may lead to diseases. In the tropics best results are obtained in seasonal climate at elevations between 1200-2000 m, but the tree can also be grown under continuously cropping conditions at elevations between 900-1400 m. Annual fruit yields may be between 10-25 t/ha.
Verheij E 1991 pp 262-266 [USE, TEXT, DEP, DRA, PH]