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Prunus avium

SynonymsCerasus avium (L.) Moench, Cerasus dulcis Gaertn.
Common namesCerasorum stipites, cereja doce, cereja galega, fugle kirsebær, gean, heart cherry, Kirsche, mazzard cherry, sweet cherry
Ecocrop code8965

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A vigorous, upright growing, decidous tree reaching 10-25 m in height. USES The fruits are eaten fresh, cooked, canned, or dried. The wood can be used for furniture. KILLING T Fruits may not tolerate -2.5°C, flowers not -3.0 to -4°C and the buds just before opening not -5.5°C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Can be grown for timber with a rotation of less than 80 years. COMMON NAMES Sweet cherry, Dessert sweet cherry, Bird cherry, Mazzard, Gean, Cerise, Vogelkirsche, Susskirsche, Cilegio dolce, Cerezo. FURTHER INF Sweet cherry is native of southern Central Europe and western Asia. The tree require minimum 800-1200 hours of winter chilling below 7°C. The tree performs best where humidity is relatively low. Bees are required to distribute the pollen.
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