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Prosopis cineraria

Authority(L.) Druce
Common names
Ecocrop code8947

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small, usually deciduous, spiny tree reaching 5-10 m in height, with a crooked trunk to 30 cm in diameter and a thin open crown. USES Wood used for house constuction, posts, tool handles, boat frames, furniture, and firewood and charcoal. The tree is browsed, pods utilized as fodder and forage, and branches cut for forage. Immature protein rich pods are eaten raw or cooked. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Life span of 10 to 200 years. Withstands droughts of 8-11 months. COMMON NAMES Jand, Jandi, Ghaf, Shami, Khejri, Khejiri, Khejra, Thand, Kandi. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: P. spicigera. Photosynthesis pathway C3. Jand can withstand hot winds. Optimum annual firewood yield is 2.9-11.4 m3/ha, and optimum yield of plant and dry leaves is 30-50 kg/plant. The tree is adapted to lowland conditions and can be found at elevations between sea level and 600 m. The latitudinal range of natural occurrence is 10-30°N. It is often found scattered in rocky uplands. Where rainfall is less than 250 mm, it is confirmed to streams. The tree is drought hardy and withstand hot dry winds, it fixes nitrogen and it regenerates rapidly. The trees are thorny, and if planted in subhumid areas they may become pestilential weeds.
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