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Poa pratensis

Common namescapim do campo, common meadowgrass, erva da febra, June grass, Kentucky bluegrass, paturin des pres, smooth meadowgrass, wiesen rispengras
Ecocrop code8777

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A sod-forming grass with creeping rootstocks, smooth culms, and narrow leaves reaching 30-75 cm in height. USES Used for pasture and lawns. KILLING T While dormant it may tolerate -44°C, but the combination of drought and temperatures about 38°C for a months have destroyed 90-95% of stands. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived perennial grass. It needs at least 3 years to establish itself and under good growing conditions it may maintain itslef almost indefinitely. During summer droughts it may become dormant. COMMON NAMES Smooth meadow grass, Kentucky bluegrass, June grass. FURTHER INF Kentucky bluegrass is native of Europe. It is not drought resistant and it has certain winter requirements. Photosynthesis pathway C3.
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