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Pinus sylvestris

Common namesBaltic pine, Danzing pine, Föhre, Highland pine, Kiefer, pin, pin sylvestre, pinheiro da Escocia, pinheiro da Russia, pinheiro de Genebra, Pini turione, pino, pino silvestre, red deal, Scotch fir, Scotch pine, Scots pine, skov fyr, Waldkiefer, yellow deal
Ecocrop code8658

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Tall evergreen tree reachin up to 40 m in height. The roots can reach a depth of 5-6 m. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. The tree is normally ready for harvest after 80-160 years. COMMON NAMES: Scots pine. FURTHER INF:
Scots pine has a latitudinal range between 35-70°N and occur at elevations between sea level and 2100 m. It is mainly found in central Europe, Scotland, Scandinavia and northern Russia.
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