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Pinus kesiya

AuthorityRoyle ex Gord.
SynonymsPinus insularis Endl., Pinus khasya Kurz
Common names
Ecocrop code8637

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An evergreen tree reaching a height of 30-45 m and a trunk diameter of 140 cm. The bole is straight and clear, the crown narrow and thin. USES Wood used locally for house construction, mining props, torches, veneer, plywood, fuel, charcoal, and pulpwood. It produce resin which is used for tupentine production. It is used as shade for coffee and cut for christmas trees. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Khasya pine, Khasi pine, Benguet pine, Dingsa, Tinyu, Saleng, Parua, Alal, Saheng, Balibo, Booboo, Bubu, Bulbul, Ol-ol, Saung, Pin a trois feuilles, Tapulao, Tinyu, Khoua, Mai hing, Son-sambai, Chuang, Kai-plueak-daeng. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: P. khasya, P. insularis. In Myanmar, khasya pine can be found at elevations from 300 to 3100 m, often on steep slopes, but it thrives best at 700-1500 m. The tree occur naturally within the latitudinal range of 11-30°N. It is a pioneer tree that inhabit a wide range of forest and savanna habitats. The tree is fire and termite resistant. Annual wood production potential is 10-30 m3/ha.
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