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Pimpinella anisum

Common namesAetheroleum anisi, anice, anijs, anis, anise, anise seed, Anisi fructus, erva-doce, huei-hsiang, yanisun
Ecocrop code8595

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A pubescent herb about 50-60 cm high with small yellowish flowers in compound umbels. USES The seeds are a source of oil and spice. The oil is used in perfumery, soaps, beverages and it has medicinal properties. Anise seed are used to flavor curries, sweets, and certain liqueurs. KILLING T Germinating plants can tolerate -7°C. GROWING PERIOD Annual. The germination time of the seeds is 17-25 days, stem emergence and development of flowers 65-75 days, flowering and seed development 20-25 days, and ripening of seeds 20-25 days. COMMON NAMES Anise, Aniseed. FURTHER INF Anise does not grow satisfactorily in tropical lowlands. The plant is 60-150 cm heigh. It is indigenous to the eastern coast area of the Mediterranean, to Asia Minor, and to Egypt. For the development of 100 kg seed the plants take up 3.5 kg of N, 1.5 kg of P2O5 and 4 Kg of K2O. Optimum yield of seed is 1.5 t/ha. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species.
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