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Phragmites australis

Authority(Cav.) Trin. ex Steudel
Common namesSchilf
Ecocrop code8532

BRIEF DESCRIPTION: A rhizomatous, stoloniferous grass reaching a height of 2-4 m. Leaf-blades flat, smooth, 15-45 cm long and 1-5 cm wide. USES: Used for pasture it cannot stand prolonged heavy grazing. For maximum production no more than half of the current year's growth should be grazed off. Palatable when young becoming tough and unpalatable after maturity. Can be used to stabilize banks and drains against erosion in non-agricultural areas. Also used for temporary roofing, lattice work, matting, sandals, pens, paper and arrows. The reed can be used also for the preparation of absolute alcohol, feed yeast and lactic acid. Young buds can be eaten in salads and the sprouts may have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial grass. COMMON NAMES: Common reed, Carrizo. FURTHER INF.: Scientific synonyms: P. communes, Trin, P. vulgaris, B.S.P. The natural habitats of common reed are swamps, drains and moist headlands. It has an aggressive root system and can become a weed in drains and irrigation channels. Tolerates considerable flooding. Native to Eurasia, Africa, but now widespread throughout the world; throughout United States, Mexico, West Indies to Chile and Argentina, Australia.
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