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Phleum pratense

SynonymsPhleum bertolonii DC., Phleum nodosum auct.
Common namesängskampe, eng-rottehale, fléole des prés, knold-rottehale, nurmitähkiö, timotei, timotej, timothy, túnskollapuntur, vallarfoxgras, wiesen-lieschgras
Ecocrop code8516

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A bunch grass reaching 75-115 cm in height, with a dense spikelike inflorescence. The sods are open and relatively thin and frequent defoliation soon weakens the plants and result in there destruction in a few years. USES Grown for pasture and hay. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived perennial. COMMON NAMES Timothy, Common Timothy, Mountain Timothy, Herd`s grass. FURTHER INF Timothy requires a cool and moist climate. Dry matter yields may vary between 4.5-11 t/ha.
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