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Phalaris arundinacea

SynonymsBaldingera arundinacea (L.) Dumort., Digraphis arundinacea (L.) Trin., Phalaroides arundinacea (L.) Rauschert, Typhoides arundinacea (L.) Moench
Common namesalpiste roseau, baldingère, randgräs, reed canary-grass, rohr glanzgras, rörflen, ruokohelpi, rørgræs, strandrøyr
Ecocrop code8488

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A robust, rather coarse, sod-forming grass, extensively spreading by rhizomes and reaching a height of 60-200 cm. The flowers are born in semi-dense panicles. USES Grown as a pasture grass. Its seed can be used as fish food. It is also planted in parks, along stream banks, and artificial ponds. It can be used for grass-water runways and for gullie erosion control. GROWING PERIOD Long-lived perennial, growing spring and autumn. COMMON NAMES Reed Canarygrass, Alpiste roseau. FURTHER INF Reed Canarygrass are often found along stream banks and lake shores. It should be cut prior to 1st bloom to insure subsequent cuttings. About 200 kg/ha of seed can be obtained. It may have certain winter requirements.
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