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Panicum miliaceum

Common namesäkta hirs, almindelig hirse, common millet, echte hirse, hirs, hirse, hirssi, hog millet, millet proso, proso millet, viljahirssi, vipphirs
Ecocrop code8280

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shallow rooted erect grass and cereal crop reaching a height of 30-100 cm, usually free-tillering with a slender up to 45 cm long inflorescens. USES The grain is highly nutritious, containing about 70% carbohydrate, and 10-18% protein. It is cooked like rice, ground to flour, used to make an alcoholic beverage, or fed to livestock. Green plants provide fodder. It is often used as a substitute for maize or sorghum. GROWING PERIOD Annual, normally harvested after 55-90 days but may require up to 280 days depending on growing conditions. COMMON NAMES Proso millet, Hog millet, Common millet, Brown corn millet, Broom corn millet, White Frensh millet, Red French millet, Proso, Vari. FURTHER INF The latitudinal range of proso millet is 30°N and S. It is best adapted to areas of low or medium relative air humidity. Photosynthesis pathway C4 I. In India, seed yields of 450-650 kg/ha can be obtained, generally 1-2 t/ha can be obtained when the crop is irrigated.
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