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Cucurbita pepo

Common namesautumn pumpkin, bitter nut squash, Cucurbitae semen, Kürbis, marrow, Oleum cucurbitae, pumpkin, squash, summer pumpkin, vegetable marrow, zucca
Ecocrop code821

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A bushy or more commonly trailing, rough hairy, herbaceous vine. The fruit is variable in size, elongated, 5 angled, with white or yellow coarse textured flesh. USES The fruits are often canned or frozen. The seeds are eaten as snacks and are a source of oil and protein. GROWING PERIOD Annual. Firts harvest of immature fruit may be taken after 40-70 days, mature fruit may be harvested after 80-100 days. COMMON NAMES Marrow, Vegetable marrow, Summer squash, Citrouill, Calabaza, Kurbis, Kalabas, Pompoen, Pumpkin, Calabacita, Calabacilla, Oil-seed pumpkin, Gourd, Naked-seed pumpkin, Courge, Potiron, Schalenloser oelkuerbis, Steirischer oelkuerbis, Weichschaliger, Tok, Zucca, Tykva, Courgette, Calabazin, Markkurbis, Zucchetti, Squash. FURTHER INF Three varieties are most commonly grown: var. pepo - field pumpkin, var. medullosa - vegetable marrow, and var. melopepo - squash, pumpkin, or summer squash. Marrow is in the tropics best grown at elevations exceeding 500 m. It is intolerant of warm, humid conditions that favour growth of fungal pathogens. It is probably native to northern Mexico and south-western United States. Yields of immature fruits are about 6-8 t/ha, while yields of mature fruit may be up to 20 t/ha.
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