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Cucurbita moschata

AuthorityDuch ez Poir
SynonymsCucurbita maxima Duch ex Lam, Zucchini moschata
Common namesgramma, hina, kuerbis, nangua, pamkin, pumpkin, small horned melon, squash, zucca
Ecocrop code820

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A vine growing to 3 m. It is usually without hairs on leaves and stems. The leaves are up to 20x30 cm. The large fruits with yellow to orange flesh varie in shape and size. USES It is grown for its nutritious, soft-shelled fruits. Fruit seeds are used as snack food, they contain 40-50% oil and 30% protein. It is also used as fed for livestock. GROWING PERIOD Annual, fruits may be harvested 80-140 days after sowing or planting. COMMON NAMES Pumpkin, Citrouille, Calabaza, Kalabaza, Faan kwa, Crookneck pumpkin, Squash. FURTHER INF Pumpkin is apparently native of Mexico or Central America. It is well adapted to the hot and humid environment of the lowland tropics, but obtimal production is obtained in areas with fairly low humidity. Individual fruits may weigh up to 15 kg. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species.
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