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Allium schoenoprasum

Common namesalho de Espanha, basal, bieslook, ceboleta de Franca, cebolinha, cebolinho, cebolleta, chive garlic, chives, ciboulette, cipollina, ezo-negi, gräslök, hsia-ye-ts'ung, luk-rezanyets, purløg, schnittlauch
Ecocrop code810

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A herb, up to 15-50 cm, producing many tillers, with hollow, narrow leaves and indistinct leaves. USES The fresh green, mild-flavoured leaves are used in salads and for flavouring in soups, stews, egg dishes, salads, cheese, and cream cheese. The plants have medicinal properties and are also planted as ornamentals. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Shoots can be harvested 70-100 days from planting, clumps should be replanted every 2-3 years. COMMON NAMES Chives, Ciboulette, Civette, Cebollino, Cebolletta, Schnittlauch, Bieslook, Sai ts'ung, Siu heung ts'ung, Kukiiw, Hoom peen, Kuichaifarang, Kuichai-baiklom, Hom-paen. FURTHER INF Chives are mostly cultivated in temperate climates, but yields are generally good at higher elevations in the tropics. High temperatures encourage bulb formation, but flower formation and seed production are only possible where the bulbs are subjected to low temperatures. In the tropics, flower and seed formation will therefore only occur at higher elevations. A cool period promotes early leaf production. Moist soil is required throughout the growing period, but excessive soil water and high humidity encourage diseases. Long days normally favour bulb development.
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