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Onobrychis viciifolia

Common names
Ecocrop code8079

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An erect, herbaceous legume reaching 40-80 cm in height with pink or rarely white flowers and one seeded pods. It has a strong and well developed tap root. USES It is grown for pasture and hay and is palatable to livestock. It is also used as supplement feed for pigs. It is a source of honey. GROWING PERIOD Cool-season perennial. In the United States it is sown in spring and flowers in June-August. COMMON NAMES Sainfoin, Holyclover, Common sainfoin, Giant sainfoin, Korunga, Esparcet Esparret, Esparcette, Esperes, El Birsim Al Mukaddes. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: O. sativa, Hedysarum onobrychis. Sainfoin is native of Europe and western Asia. It occurs on banks, wasteland and grassy areas in most soils. Yields may be about 1 t/ha the first year and up to 8.5 t/ha the second.
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