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Crotalaria pallida

SynonymsCrotalaria mucronata Desv., Crotalaria striata DC.
Common namesrattlepod
Ecocrop code803

DESCRIPTION: Herb or under shrub. Flower colour yellow. flowers in November / December. Fruits in January / February. Fruits is green in colour brown when ripe. GROWING PERIOD: Annual or short-lived perennial, replanting occurs from 1.5-2 years. COMMON NAMES: Smooth crotalaria. FURTHER INF: Scientific synonyms: C. brownei, C. hookeri, C. mucronata, C. striata. In the tropics, smooth crotalaria can found from sea level to 1500 m altitude. Occasionaly occurs in hilly low lands rarely occurs in plains. Seeds when washed and cooked, are said to be nontoxic.
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