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Nymphaea alba

SynonymsCastalia alba (L.) Wood., Castatia speciosa Salisb., Nymphaea candida J. & C. Prest
Common namesAmerican white water-lily, camalassana, castalia, European white water-lily, flor de camal, fragrant water-lily, gigoga, golfao branco, lirio de agua, murure, pond-lily, sweet-scented white water-lily, water cabbage, white water-lily
Ecocrop code8005

Native of Britain, it grows in the deeper parts of the pond - about four feet of water should suit it well. It prefers a sunny position and a rich soil. Rootstocks that are several years old may be eaten - they contain about 40% starch. Roasted seeds may be used as a coffee substitute. A related species from North America, N. odorata, can also be found in ornamental ponds. Its young leaves and flower buds can be eaten cooked and young flowers can be eaten raw.