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Nuphar lutea

Authority(L.) Sibth. & Smith
SynonymsNuphar luteum, Nuphar variegata Durand.
Common namescow-lily, European yellow pond-lily, frog-lily, gelbe teichrose, gul åkande, gul nykkerose, isoulpukka, pond-lily, spatter dock, spatterdock lily, yellow pond-lily, yellow water lily
Ecocrop code8002

DESCRIPTION: It is a perennial aquatic herb with big elliptical, broadly ovate leaves and yellow flowers. It is usually found in water 0.3-3 m deep but can grow at a depth of up to 4 m. USE: The rhizome, leafstalks, flowers and seed are edible and the leaves and rhizome have medicinal properties. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. COMMON NAMES: Yellow water lily, Cow-lily, Spatter dock, Gul nykkerose. FURTHER INF: Found in Europe, Eurasia and North America. It can be found in shallow water of ponds, streams, backwaters, marshes, lakes, ditches and rivers with still or slowly moving water. It may restrict flow in canals and ditches and increase the rate of silting. In shallow water areas of ponds and lakes, it often forms almost pure stands and may exclude other plant species. It prefers a sunny position but can also grow in light shade. It is typically found on muck, clay, or muck over clay but can also be found on muck over loam and sand.