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Coriandrum sativum

SynonymsCoriandrum diversifolium, Coriandrum globosum, Coriandrum majus, Coriandrum melphitense, Coriandrum sativum L., Selinum coriandrum
Common namesaedkoriander, Aetheroleum coriandri, beléndfû, chamem, Chinese parsley, Chinesische Petersilie, cigánypetrezselyem, cilandrio, cilantro, coentro, coireiman, collender, coriander, coriandolo, coriandre, Coriandri fructus, coriandro, coriandru, culantro, curatù, daaniwal, daun ketumbar, debo, dembilal, dhana, dhanayaka, dhane, dhania, dhaniyalu, dhanya, dhoney, fan yan sui, Fructus coriandri, gashneez, geshnes, giligilani, gishniiz, hara dhania, havija, hu sui, Indian parsley, Indische Petersilie, kambari, kazbarah, kerti koriander, ketoembar, ketumbar, kindz, kindza, kinza, kishnets, kishnish, kisnec, kisnis, klopovnik, koendoro, kolendra, kolendra siewna, koljandra, konphir, koriander, koriandr, koriandro, koriannon, korianteri, korijander, korion, kothamali, kothambalari, kothambri, kothimber, kothmiri, kothmiri bija, kothumpalari, kothumpkalari bija, kotimiri, kottamalli, kotthamallie, koyendoro, kusthumbari, kuzbara, libdhane, lus a choire, mellet pak chi, mui, nan nan bin, nan nan zee, naunau, ngo, pa
Ecocrop code784

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A straight, erect, extremely branched, green and often reddish herb reaching 50-160 cm in height with small white or violet-pink flowers in umbrella stands. USES An essential oil extracted from the fruit has medicinal properties and are also used in perfume and cosmetics or in bakery products and beverages. The fruit can be dried and used in curry powders or pickled when immature. The seeds are used as spice and the green parts are used to flavor soup and stews and are are consumed like parsley. Its flowers attract bees. KILLING T The germinating plant can tolerate -10°C, and the rosette with 4-6 leaves can survive -18°C. GROWING PERIOD Annual herb, leaves may be havested about 35 days from sowing, mature seeds after 80-140 days. The plant takes about 15-20 days from sowing to sprouting, 30-40 days for stem emergence, 15-20 days for flower emergence, 10-20 days for seed development, and 20-40 days for the seed to ripen. COMMON NAMES Coriander, Coriandre, Cilantro, Coriandro, Koriander, Uen sai, Ketoom bar, Culantro, Persil arabre, Wanzendill, Schwindelkorn, Dembilal, Debo, Shucar, Tsagha, Zagda. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: C. majus, C. diversifolium, C. globosum, C. melphitense, Selinum coriandrum. Coriander is indigenous to the east coast area of the Mediterranean. In the tropics an elevation of more than 500 m is generally necessary for obtimal production and plants may fail to seed in tropical lowland areas. It thrives best on weedless soil. For the production 100 kg of seeds, the plants extracts 4.5 kg of N, 1.6 kg of P2O2 and 4 kg of K2O from the soil. Optimum yields of dried seed up to 1.1-2.0 t/ha. Mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. Temperature requiremets at different phenological stages: 1) sowing; 20-25°C, 2) emergency 20-30°C, 3) growing, reproduction and ripening; 15-25°C.
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