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Monstera deliciosa

SynonymsPhilodendron pertusum
Common namesAdam‚s rib, breadfruit vine, ceriman, costela de Adão, cut-leaf Philodendron, fruit salad plant, hurricane plant, Mexican Breadfruit, Monstera, split-leaf Philodendron, Swiss cheese plant
Ecocrop code7813

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A tall, strong herbaceous to woody climber with large perforated, scalloped, and dark-green leaves. USES Grown as an ornamental and the fruit is edible when fully ripe. The fruit can be eaten in mixed fruit salads. KILLING T Mature plants will withstand -3°C. GROWING PERIOD Tall strong perennial herbaceous to woody climbere. Fruit matures 9-12 months after flowering and is harvested in 14-18 months. COMMON NAMES Monstera, Ananas de Mexico, Ananas du pauvre, Cerimon, Monstere delicieux, Ceriman, Fruit salad plant, Pine fruit tree, Kostlicker kolbenrisse, Balazo, Ceriman de Mexico, Hojadillo, Huracan, Pina anana, Pinanona, Banana do brejo, Banana de Macao, Banana do mato, Deliciosa, Fruta de Mexico, Tornelia. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: M. lennea, Philodendron pertusum, Tornelia fragrans. Monstera is native of Mexico. They require moist, warm climates. The plant is best grown with support and should therefore be established alongside a building, tree or fence.
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