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Medicago truncatula

Common namesbarrel clover, barrel medick, luzerna barril
Ecocrop code7662

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An ascending or procumbent legume branching from the base, reaching 15-30 cm in height, with yellow flowers and cylindrical spiny pods, hardenning at maturity. USES Utilized for pasture and hay. GROWING PERIOD Annual. The plant it self-pollinated and self regenerating, propagating itself by seeds. In North Africa, plants seeded in October-November can reach 10-15 cm in height and provide full ground cover within 40-60 days, if the winter is not too cold. COMMON NAMES Aleppo clover, Barrel clover, Barrel medick, Barrel medic, Luzerne tronquee, Nafala halabiya. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: M. tribuloides. Aleppo clover occur in coastal areas and in the Nile region. It is distributed in the Mediterranean region and western Asia and introduced in Australia and North Arerica. It is common in dwarf shrub associations, scrub, pasture and in irrigated cereal fields. Young seedlings can be seriously damaged by wind erosion, especially on light, sandy soils. Yields of 2-9 t/ha of green forage and 1-4 t/ha of dry matter have been reported.
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