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Medicago lupulina

Common namesblack medick, hop medick, lupulina, luzerna lupulina, nonesuch, yellow trefoil
Ecocrop code7654

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A pubescent, herbaceous legume reaching 10-50 cm in height with numerous small yellow flowers in long peduncled cylindrical heads and small kidney shaped pods with one seed in each. USES It is used as green manure. Cattle and poultry are fed the empty pods. It is often mixed with grasses ang other clovers and used as forage. KILLING T Withstands frost when well established. GROWING PERIOD Annual or short-lived perennial, usually sown in spring and growing into the fall. Plants reseed themselves and maintain the stand. COMMON NAMES Black medic, Yellow trefoil, Hop clover, Hop medick, Non-such, Minette, Lupuline. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: M. willdenowii. Black medic occur in central and southern Europe, in the Mediterranean region, tropical Africa and western, central and eastern Asia. It has been introduced into North, Central and South America, Australia and also elsewhere. It can be found up to 2900 m in elevation in East Africa and up to 3600 m in the Himalayas. It is common in moist situations in shrub, meadows, irrigated fields and waste places. It can become a weed.
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