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Malva moschata

Common namesbisam-malve, malva almizclada, malva moscada, malva moscata, mauve musquée, moschus-malve, moskus katost, moskuskattost, musk mallow, muskuskaasjeskruid, myskimalva, myskmalva, slaz pizmowy, white mallow
Ecocrop code7557

DESCRIPTION: It is a herbaceous plant reaching 60-80 cm in height and 50-60 cm in width. A very ornamental plant, very variable in form, especially with regard to the degree of laciniation of the leaves. The scented white to pink or lavender flowers are 4-6 cm wide and hermaphrodite, in small, apical clusters. USE: The flowers, leaves and seed are edible and the seed and stems can be extracted for dye and fibre. All parts of the plant have medicinal properties and the plant is grown as a garden ornamental. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial but short-lived. COMMON NAMES: Musk mallow, Malva almizclada, White mallow. FURTHER INF: It can be found in a variety of disturbed habitats such as fields, empty lots, and along roadsides and in grassy places, pastures, meadows, hedgerows, woodland etc. The plant can tolerate strong winds but not maritime exposure. In North America it can be found in southern Canada southward to Oregon and California in the West and Wisconsin and Virginia, United States in the East. In Europe it occurs from southern Scandinavia in the North to northern Mediterranean in the South and from Ireland in the West to Poland in the East. In North America it can be found between 43-48°N and in Europe between 40-60°N.