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Citrus reticulata

SynonymsCitrus nobilis, Citrus reshni Hort. ex Tan.
Common namescam sanh, cay quit, clementine, Cleopatra mandarin, jeruk jepun, jeruk keprok, jeruk maseh, kid-glove orange, krauch kvich, limau kupas, limau lang-kat, limau wangkang, liou, ma baang, madarini, mandarin, Mandarinenbaum, mandarinier, moli madarini, moli peli, moli saina, naartjie, narangi, nartjie, Satsuma orange, sintones, som hot, som khieo waan, som lot, som saengthong, tangerina, tangerine, tangerineira
Ecocrop code718

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small tree reaching 2-8 m in height, sometimes spiny. The fruit, 5-8 cm in diameter, is characterized by the rather flattened shape, thin loose peel which separates freely from the pulp and a bright orange-scarlet colour when ripe. USES The fruits are used as dessert fruits fresh or canned, or extracted for juice. It is a source of vitamins A and C and carbohydrates. The rind can be used in salads, or extracted for pectin and an essential oil. KILLING T Flowers and fruit will not tolerate frost and trees not -10 C to -12 C. More cold hardy than other citrus fruit species. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. First fruits may be harvested after 2-8 years, the tree gives full yields for about 20 years and the economic life is about 25-27 years. The tree require 180-400 days from flower to mature fruit. (GMIN estimated by the compiler). COMMON NAMES Mandarin, Mandarin orange, Tangerine, Mandarino, Mandarina, Mandarinier, Jerku keprok, Jeruk jepun, Jeruk maseh, Limau langkat, Limau kupas, Limau wangkang, Sintones, Krauch kvich, Som hot, Som lot, Som khieo waan, Som saengthong, Ma baang, Cam sanh, Cay quit. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: C. nobilis, C. deliciosa, C. chrysocarpa. Mandarin probably originated in the Phillipines or Cochin China. In the tropics most cultivare thrive at elevations between 600-1300 m, while good quality fruit is obtained under subtropical lowland conditions. It can be grown within the latitudinal range 45°N-35°S. Cool temperatures during ripening improve the quality of the fruit and many cultivars need a pronounced dry season of up to 3-4 months to flower well. There are however cultivars that can be grown in wet tropical lowlands. The tree is drought-resistant. Current fruit yields in South East Asia are about 5 t/ha per year, but yields up to about 25-30 t/ha can be obtained. (See also under Citrus ssp.)
SOURCES (C. reticulata Blanco x C. sinensis (L.) Osb.)
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