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Lavandula latifolia

Authority(L.) Medicus
Common namesspike lavender
Ecocrop code7177

BRIEF DESCRIPTION An aromatic shrub with violet-blue flowers reaching a height of 40-60 cm. USES It is grown for an essential oil extracted from its leaves and flowers. The oil is used in perfumery and porcelain paints. It is also used as an aromatic in dresser drawers and clothes. It is often planted as an ornamental. At one time, the leaves were used to control menstuation and to induce abortions. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. COMMON NAMES Spike lavender, Broad-leaved lavender, Male lavender, Spikinard lavender. FURTHER INF Spike lavender is native of the Mediterranean region. Lavender is very characteristic of the dry, wild, frequently stony areas between the Alps and the Mediterranean. The plant is in the Alps usually found at elevations between 200-700 m.
SOURCES (L. latifolia (L.f.) Medic. (L.spica L.))
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