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Citrus medica

SynonymsCitrus aurantium L. var. medica Wight & Arnott (1834), Citrus crassa Hasskarl (1844)
Common namesbulid, cedrat, cédratier, cidrao, cidreira, cidro, citron, citron tree, etrog, jeruk sukade, limao galego, limao rugoso, limau susu, manao-khwai, mawo-yao, medischer apfel, muli, shamom (Oman), shouk-ta-kwah, sidras, sidris, sitrun, somma-ngua, thanh yên, true citron, vëëx
Ecocrop code716

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A shrub or small tree reaching up to 3 m in height with legt grey bark, stout pines and 10-20 cm long lemon-like fruits with a thick, aromatic peel. USES The fruit is edible and it is used for perfumes and to flavour food. The fruit peel is fermented in brine and candied or used as flavoring for cakes and confectionery. The fresh shoots, roots, leaves, flowers, fruits and seeds have a number of medicinal properties. The tree is planted as an ornamental. KILLING T -2°C kill fruits and -9°C kill leaves. (Ortho; The trees are very frost sensitive). (Sauls; The most sensitive to cold of all citrus). GROWING PERIOD Perennial. Begins to bear in 2-3 years, yields increase to about 8 years. The economical life is 25-30 years. COMMON NAMES Citron, Cedrat, Cedratier, Cidra, Poncil, Cedro, Cidron cedarleon, Cidro, Zedratzitrone, Jeruk sukade, Sitrun, Limau susu, Muli, Bulid, Sidris, Sidras, Shouk-ta-kwah, Veex, Mannao-khwai, Somma-ngua, Mawo-yao, Thanh yen. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: C. aurantium var. medica, C. crassa. Citron probably originated in northeastern India and upper Myanmar. In the tropics, it is most common at elevations between 500-1300 m in elevation. Strong winds can be harmful and it is not drought resistant. Usually mature trees produce about 40 kg fruit per year, but yields up to 100 kg have been obtained. (See also under Citrus ssp.)
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