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Larix decidua

SynonymsAbies larix Lam., Larix europaea DC., Pinus larix L.
Common namesalerce, European larch, Lärche, larice, mélèze
Ecocrop code7149

DESCRIPTION: It is a deciduous conifer reaching 9-40 or even 55 m in height. The crown of young trees is symmetrical, open, and narrowly conic. Old trees often have large, buttressed low branches that run level for 2.4-3 m before turning upward. It is deep-rooted. USE: The wood is durable and strong, of moderately high density, with excellent toughness and stiffness. It is used for pulp, framing timber, roof tiles, flooring, and log houses. It is suitable for veneer and other decorative purposes. It is resistant to rot, and is therefore valuable for posts, poles, railroad ties, mine props, wharves, and pilings. It is planted as an ornamental and in shelterbelts. GROWING PERIOD: Perennial. It exhibits rapid early growth and occasionally early senescence (at 30 to 40 years of age), particularly in mixed stands. The average age at senescence is between 100 and 150 years of age. Ages of 600 years or more have been reported. COMMON NAMES: European larch (England). FURTHER INF: