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Citrus limon

Authority(L.) Burm. f.
SynonymsCitrus limonia Osbeck, Citrus limonum Risso, Citrus medica var. limonium Brandis
Common namesacid lemon, bush lemon, chanh tay, citroen, citron, citronnier, jeruk limun, khatta nabbu, khatto nabbu, krooch chhmaa veeng, lain, lemani, lemon, limao, limau mata, limau nipis, limoeiro, limón, limón agria, limon amarillo, limón francés, limón real, limone, limonero, limonier, manao-farang, manao-mairuho, manao-thet, Meyer lemon, moli karokaro, moli patupatu, moli'ovi'ovia, molinivmalagi, molisoraiara, muli, naaw falang, naaw th'eed, Persian apple, standard lemon, tipolo, Zitrone
Ecocrop code714

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small tree, 3-6 m in height, with stout, stiff thorns. The fruits are 5-10 cm long, yellow and usually oval in shape. USES Grown for its acid fruits eaten both fresh and processed. The fruit is a good source of vitamin C and potassium, it is used in lemonades and for culinary and confectionery purposes. The fruit also provides citric acid and pectin. The peel yields and essentail oil used to flavor medicines, bakery product, soft drinks, soft-drink powders, gelatin desserts, extracts, candies, and ices. It is also used in perfumery, lotions, and soaps. The peel can by eaten candied. KILLING T Flowers and fruit will not tolerate -2 C and trees not -6 C. GROWING PERIOD Perennial. It may begin to bear in the third year, and it require 210-425 days from blossom to harvest. Generally the tree give full yield up to 40 years. COMMON NAMES Lemon, Citron, Limon, Zitrone, Citronnier, Jeruk limun, Limau nipis, Limau mata, Krooch chhmaa veeng, Naaw th'eed, Naaw falang, Manao-thet, Manao-farang, Manao-mairuho, Chanh tay. FURTHER INF Lemon propably originated in southeastern Asia. Photosynthesis pathway C 3. Humidity should be moderate to low. Good yields are about 40 t/ha. (See also under Citrus ssp.).
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