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Laguncularia racemosa

Authority(L.) Gaertner f.
Common namesbuttonwood, mangrove, white buttonwood
Ecocrop code7098

BRIEF DESCRIPTION Small evergreen tree reaching 12 m in height or more and 30 cm in trunk diameter, with a rounded irregular crown. USES Wood used for posts, construction, tool handles, and firewood and charcoal. Bark rich in tannin and with medicinal properties. Flowers a source of honey. GROWING PERIOD Fast-growing perennial. It can produce flowers and fruit at less than 2 years. COMMON NAMES White mangrove, Mangrove, White buttowood, Mangle blanco, Mangle amarillo, Mangle chino, Sincahuite, Jeli de mangle, Paletuvier, Manglier blanc, Akira, Mangue, Mangue branco, Ma-kent-ma-bi. FURTHER INF White mangrove occurs in tropical American and West African mangrove forests. It is often found along the shores of lagoons and tidal rivers.
SOURCES (L. racemosa (L.) Gaertn. f.)
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