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Citrullus lanatus

Authority(Thunb.) Matsumura & Nakai
SynonymsCitrullus vulgaris Schrad.
Common namesanguria, bitterboela, bitterwaatlemoen, cocomero, hsi kwa, karkoer, legapu, melancia, melani, N!Ham, pastèque, sandia, stolovyj arbuz, tarbuz, tsamma, tsamma melon, vandmelon, wassermelone, watermelon, wild watermelon, xigua
Ecocrop code708

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A slender, hairy, herbaceous vine, often sprawling over the ground. The fruit is globose or oblong, varying greatly in size up to 60 cm or more long. USES Grown as a dessert fruit, the sweet juicy pulp uf the ripe fruit is eaten fresh. The dried parched seeds are chewed, or can be ground and baked into bread. An oil extracted from the seeds is used in cooking and as an illuminant, the seed-cakes can be used as livestock feed. It is mentioned as a useful agroforestry species. GROWING PERIOD Annual, fruits can be harvested after 80-110 days from sowing, continuing for a further 40-50 days. COMMON NAMES Melon D'eau Pasteque, Sandia, Melon de Agua, Wassermelone, Watermeloen, Tarbuz, Kalingada, Pakwan, Hpaye, Sai Kwa, Sandia, Patilla. FURTHER INF Scientific synonyms: C. vulgaris, Colocynthis citrullus. Watermelon prefer low to moderate humidity and production is generally satisfactory during sunny and dry periods. Excessive rainfall and high humidity give excessive vegetative growth, affect flowering, and may induce leaf diseases and fruit rot. Stable day-night temperatures promote rapid growth. It can be grown in mixed plantings with ma
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