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Chrysophyllum cainito

Common namescaimite, caimito, pepulut, pomme surette, sataa appoen, sawo hejo, sawo ijo, sawo kadu, sawu duren, starapple
Ecocrop code689

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small to medium-sized evergreen tree reaching a height up to 12-15 m and a trunk diameter to 60 cm. It has a dense spreading crown. The fruit is an obovoid-globose berry, 5-10 cm in diameter, purplish-brown or yellowish-green. USES The fruit can be eaten fresh or used as flavoring. Bark, latex, and seeds have medicinal properties. Wood can be used for construction. It is planted as an ornamental, shade and shelterbelt tree. Mentioned as a possible agroforestry species. KILLING T It is not frost tolerant during its first 2-3 years, thereafter it is fairly frost-tolerant. GROWING PERIOD Perennial tree, require 5-6 years of growth before it produces fruit. The fruit ripens in 4-5 months. It can withstand a dry season up to 6 months. COMMON NAMES Star apple, Cainite, Kaimito, Caimito, Caimite, Cainito, Pomme de cain, Pomme surette, Chrysophyllum, Pomme etoilee, Abiaca, Manzana estrellada, Abiaba, Manzana estrellada, Satin leaf, Sawo ijo, Sawo hejo, Sawo kadu, Sawo duren, Pepulut, Chicle durian, Sataa appoen. FURTHER INF Starapple is native of the Greater Antilles. It thrives in the hot, tropical lowland up to 1000-1500 m in elevation. A distinct dry season is desirable for good fruit production. The tree is strong and windfirm though leaves may be damaged by wind. Mature trees can produce up to about 1000 fruits or more per season.
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