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Indigofera tinctoria

Common namesindigo
Ecocrop code6889

BRIEF DESCRIPTION A small shrub like, herbaceous plant reaching a height of 1-2 m with spreading or ascending branches, composed leaves, 5 mm long flowers and straight or slightly curved pods, containing 7-12 seed. USES A blue dye is produced form the leaves. The leaves also have medicinal properties. The plant is also grown as a cover crop and green manure. The leaves are rich in potash and palatable to cattle. GROWING PERIOD Perennial shrub. North of Equator seed are sown in October or April, and the crop ripen in June-July. COMMON NAMES Common indico, Indian indico, Tom jawa, Tarum alus, tarum kaju, Tagung-tagung, Tagum, Trom, Khaam. FURTHER INF Scientific synonym: I. sumatrana. Common indico is probably native of Malaysia, now it has a pantropical distribution. It can be grown from sea level up to 1600 m in elevation. Heavy or continuous rain or to much water may kill the plant. Excessive heat and hot winds may cause withering. Green matter yields may be 10-13 t/ha and dye yields may be 1.6-5.4 t/ha.
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